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Anthurium ClarinerviumAnthurium Clarinervium
Anthurium Magnificum BigAnthurium Magnificum Big
Philodendron Jungle BoogiePhilodendron Jungle Boogie
Calathea White Fushion
Amydrium SilverAmydrium Silver
Alocasia Black VelvetAlocasia Black Velvet
Amydrium sppAmydrium spp
Scindapsus Treubi BlackScindapsus Treubi Black
Philodendron Golden Dragon
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Philodendron SubhastatumPhilodendron Subhastatum
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Hoya Coin / Pepperomia Hope


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Hoya Cumingiana
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Sirih Enjoy
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Sirih Enjoy
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Hoya Carnosa TricolorHoya Carnosa Tricolor
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Hoya MacrophyllaHoya Macrophylla
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Syngonium MariaSyngonium Maria
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Calathea Trio StarCalathea Trio Star
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Hoya PubicalixHoya Pubicalix
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Calathea Corona

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