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Softening spaces in the living room. From full indoor jungle vibes to creating a focal point with a few statement plants, foliage in your living room will soften spaces and create signature accents.

Foliage-filled workspaces. Boost productivity and creativity by setting up a healthy workplace.

Styling indoor plants in your kitchen can help you achieve a tranquil sanctuary which aids relaxation. Choose air purifying plants to breathe cleaner air.

Create a botanical bathroom. Humidity-loving plants will thank you for placing them in steamy bathrooms and will require very little attention.

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Always top notch on their order process. Gives quality plants and always handle shipments pretty well. I do love ordering rare plants with them. Been partner with them for 2 years now and I will always order my collection trough them. Thank you so much!

Justin Santos

They were very understanding! Greenspaces was kind enough, they shipped my order for a 3rd time for the order as I explained exactly why and how the delays were caused. Thank you, guys, so much for your understanding and caring hearts! I love my new plant babies!

Sapphire Peters

Beautiful plants, amazing shipping and packaging.

Candy Davis

My experience with Greenspaces is absolutely fantastic, each plant was an absolute stunner! Sooooo happy! Thank you!

Veronica Koester

Could not be happier with my plants!!! I'm a little late on the review, but that's given a bit of time to monitor everything and no plants have been lost. Even after a few days stuck at customs in the winter, everything way so well packaged they all made it here healthy with only minor cosmetic damage on a couple of the more sensitive ones. Customer service was also great, they helped me sort things out when I accidently placed an order that needed an import permit, and sent care instructions/tips to help acclimate everything after shipping! This was my second time ordering from them and both experiences were great!

Brooklyn Graham

I have imported from Greenspaces to the US a few times now, and overall have had a fantastic experience. It's to be expected that there may be some stress or damage from a long journey, but my plants from Greenspaces have been almost always perfect. Not once have I had an issue with customer service, they are great at communicating! I will continue to purchase from this company due to their quality and reliability.

Sabrina Powell

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