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Philodendron GloriosumPhilodendron Gloriosum
Philodendron Florida GhostPhilodendron Florida Ghost
Philodendron Dark LordPhilodendron Dark Lord
Philodendron Burlemarx
Philodendron AtabapoensePhilodendron Atabapoense
Philodendron Melanochrysum SmallPhilodendron Melanochrysum Small
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Piper CrocatumPiper Crocatum
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Philodendron Hastatum - Silver SwordPhilodendron Hastatum - Silver Sword
Philodendron MameiPhilodendron Mamei
Philodendron Golden Dragon
Philodendron Billiteae (Brown Stem)
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Philodendron VerrucosumPhilodendron Verrucosum
Philodendron MayoiPhilodendron Mayoi
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Philodendron PlowmaniiPhilodendron Plowmanii
Philodendron Jungle Boogie
Philodendron Ring of Fire VariegatedPhilodendron Ring of Fire Variegated
Philodendron Painted LadyPhilodendron Painted Lady
Philodendron SquamiferumPhilodendron Squamiferum
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Philodendron PastazanumPhilodendron Pastazanum
Save 17%
Philodendron PedatumPhilodendron Pedatum
Philodendron Orange MarmaladePhilodendron Orange Marmalade
Philodendron Jose Buono

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