Starting now, our shipping process will be through cargo expeditions, in collaboration with a New Jersey-based middleman to provide you with several benefits and assurances. 

Experience Seamless Cargo Shipment!

      • 100% Warranty (Complete Refund or Reshipment)
      • Free Shipping
      • Enhanced Plant Safety
      • Simplified Documentation Process (Import Permit and Greenable Required)
      • No Handling Fees
      • No Import Duty Taxes
      • No Charge for Phytosanitary Certificate

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24 Manito Ave, Lake Hiawatha, NJ, 07034, United States of America.


    1. This cargo shipping service is presently limited to customers from the United States only.
    2. In collaboration with, a plant handling service located at 24 Manito Ave, Lake Hiawatha, NJ, 07034, USA, we provide our cargo shipping.
    3. Importing does not require documents such as Import Permits, Greenlabel, or Phytosanitary Certificates.
    4. No additional handling fees or Import duty Tax charges are applied by our expedition service.
    5. Our cargo shipments occur twice per month.
    6. Should you decide to have your order shipped via cargo, please promptly confirm with our Customer Service team.
    7. For local shipments, employs the services of the USPS (United States Postal Service).
    8. Shipping timelines are as follows:
    9. Indonesia to takes about 2-4 days.
    10. The repacking process at takes 1-2 days.
    11. Delivery from to the customer's address takes about 1-2 days.
    12. Customers will receive a tracking email notification from our Customer Service once starts dispatching plant packages to their address.
    13. We provide a 100% guarantee. If any plants are damaged, we will replace them with similar plants available at or with plants of equivalent value.
    14. To claim for damaged plants, you must provide photographic or video evidence of the damage.